Kane Education Foundation is grateful to those community leaders who served as board members since its inception. This distinguished list helped envision, create, and nurture the foundation that exists today. We thank them for their service and continuing support.

Wendy Allan (School Board)

Paul Altherr (Chairman)

Karen Alvey

Laurel Anderson

Harry Barber

Bruce Barnson

Colene Brinkerhoff

Dixie Brunner

Betty Chamberlain

Lex Chamberlain (School Board)

Corey Child

Michael East

Marietta Eaton

Angie Embree

Jack Gisler

Becky Glover (Director)

Tracy Hiscock (Director)

John Horan

Joyce Hunsaker

Robert Johnson (Superintendent)

Carol Kershaw

Jim Koons

Mark Kuehnel

Lloyd Laycook

Marty Ott

Dorothy Ratzlaff

Lynette Shelley

Megan Smith (Director)

Cindy Staszyk

Carol Sullivan

Terry Thatcher

Paula Zutes