1. A student cannot progress to higher levels of growth (think Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs) until their lower level needs have been met first. Counseling for students begins to address some of the lower level needs of a child with a hope that the child can begin to progress up the hierarchy

2. Counseling for students helps everyone. Not only does the child receiving counseling get the tools they need, but their teachers benefit and other students benefit. When we help one student succeed, we help everyone succeed.

3. Counseling provides students with better outlook for life. Many of the needs of the students have been with depression, post-traumatic stress, adjustment issues, anxiety, and other serious issues that, when left unaddressed, lead to lifelong problems. Students receiving counseling have made great improvements in the classroom, ranging from better performance on school work to better behavior. 

4. To adequately meet the needs of students, counseling hours need to double--at best. Deborah and Josh Dambara are contracted by Kane County School District to provide counseling to students who have assessed needs and have signed parental consent to receive services. Right now, they are contracted for 10 hours a week to address the needs of about 30 students in the district. To adequately meet the needs of these 30 students, the amount of contracted hours needs to double. This doesn’t even begin to touch the students who are still in the wings for referral. 

5. This service is free to students and paid for by the school district and the foundation. Students who receive counseling go through a process of assessment by a school counselor, gaining parental consent for counseling, referral to the Dambaras, assessment by the therapist, and finally a care plan with specific goals for the student. 

6. We need your help. We hope to double the counseling hours provided to students. Every $1,000 we receive toward counseling could fund an additional 10 hours a year. Please contact Steve Dahl or Megan Smith to learn more. Counseling hours may make the difference in whether or not a child succeeds. Will you help?

“Someone had to embrace positive beginnings before anyone could celebrate successful conclusions or continuations.” - Aberjhani

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