B5 library

The ability to read is the key to knowledge and opportunity. Kane Education Foundation believes it is important to support the early literacy development of our future students. This program is designed to build the home library of every child in Kane County, starting at birth. Every quarter, the child will receive a new age-appropriate book.  Although, children can be included in our program at any time between birth and five years of age, children who start this program at birth will have a home library of 20 books from Kane Education Foundation by the time they reach five years of age! The foundation anticipates that a home library combined with resources for parents and caregivers as their child’s first teacher will result in increased early literacy skills for the children in our district.

You can register your child in this cost-free program anytime from birth up to 5 years of age.

Signup online here .   

For additional information or questions please contact Tana Seaford, Program Coordinator, at foundation@kane.k12.ut.us or 435-644-2555 x 9.

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