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All Girls STEM Camp

Kane Education Foundation and Kane County 4H, with a grant from Three Corner's Women's Giving Circle through the Community Foundation of Utah was able to put on an all girls STEM camp that 45 Kane County girls were able to attend during the summer!  STEM is one of the fastest growing careers right now and women are vastly underrepresented in this field.  Studies have shown that early exposure and all girls camps increase the chances of women in these highly sought out careers.  

Kane County girls ages 8-18 who signup for the 2 day summer camp will spend it learning how to HACK, DESIGN, CODE and MAKE using technology and computer science. They will have the opportunity to work with robots, binary code, micro controllers, and circuits. There will also be computer programming, laser printing, e-textiles, web design and soldering skills to be learned among many others.


For more information you can email or check out our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram for when it is time to register for next years camp.  

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