1. Many parents and educators believe that it is beneficial for 4 year-olds and 3 year-olds to obtain preschool learning experiences in a classroom setting for about 10 hours per week.  The benefits of this preschool learning experience are generally described as follows:

  • Achieve academic concepts needed for Kindergarten

  • Socialization—learn how to interact in an organized learning environment

  • Socialization—learn how to interact productively with other children

  • Communication—language, vocabulary, listening, expressing thoughts


2. Members of the Foundation’s Board have been intensively working with the District’s preschool staff and in other ways to understand the needs for helping preschool-aged children in Kane County. 


3. We have discovered that the District’s preschools are operating very close to maximum capacity of the available classroom space. Our current best-thinking as to possible needs is:


  • Help the preschool-age children who do not attend preschool today (about 50 children) be able to attend preschool.

  • Help all children who attend preschools be able to receive 10 hours of classroom learning per week.

  • Help supplement the amount of time that the students are currently working with language, vocabulary, listening, expressing thoughts.


4. We hope to provide the means to allow more children to attend preschool.  We hope to provide the means to allow those who attend to receive 10 hours of classroom learning per week.  If we can do this, the amount and quality of communications-focused learning would be increased.  The expected outcomes of these three accomplishments would be a high percentage of 4 year-olds being ready for Kindergarten and having the communications foundation to continue learning throughout grades 1 through 12.


5. We need your help.  If you have a strong interest in helping the Preschool Strategy of the Kane Education Foundation, please contact Megan Smith, the Foundation’s Director, or Paul Altherr, the Board member who leads the Preschool Strategy. Please donate to our Foundation to help us continue in this work.

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