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Administer Scholarships

The KEF does not solicit contributions for the purpose of granting scholarships to individual students for their post-secondary education.  The main reasons for this policy are:

  • We choose to concentrate our time and financial resources on delivering impact through our 4 focus areas.

  • We believe that most students have adequate opportunities to compete for post-secondary scholarships through other organizations.


Historically, the KEF has administered certain scholarships funded by individuals or businesses in Kane County.  In regard of these administrative services:

  • The KEF has overseen the competitive process of determining the recipients of the scholarships.

  • The KEF has provided certificates of charitable contributions to the funders of the scholarships for IRS purposes.

  • The KEF has received and managed the scholarship funds in an agency capacity, paying out the scholarship amount after receiving supporting documentation from the recipient as to qualifying expenses incurred.

The KEF expects to continue to administer these scholarships for the foreseeable future, as a service to the citizens of Kane County.

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