1. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are fields which require skills that are critical in competing for 21st Century jobs.  Kane County students must have access to STEM programming that is held across the state of Utah.  In addition, the number of local programs needs to be increased.


2. Kane Education Foundation is working with our school district as well as colleges, universities, and local businesses to fill the gap in programming offered to Kane County Students as well as make programming outside of our county accessible by our students.


3. We plan to better prepare students for careers that are in demand locally as well as nationally and worldwide. 


4. To do this, Kane Students must have access to STEM programming and events held across the state of Utah, new local programs will need to be developed, and teacher development will need to be supported.


5. We need your help. If you have expertise in a STEM field or ideas on how STEM education can be improved, please contact Megan Smith, the Foundation’s Director, or Angie Embree, the Board member who leads the STEM and the Arts Strategy. If you would donate to our Foundation to help us continue in this work, you can do so here.

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