Our Strategic Plan

Here are the main components of the Kane Education Foundation’s Strategic Plan for 2017–2021.


Our Mission


In strategic planning, the Mission of an organization is about its purpose . . . its reason for being.


KEF’s Mission is to bring a world of opportunities to Kane students, thereby expanding their minds to new possibilities.

Our Vision


In strategic planning, Vision is about how we want something to be in the future . . . what we want it to look like.


KEF’s Vision is that the Foundation will:

  • Be helping the School District continually pursue academic excellence by providing it with critical financial and other resources.

  • Be delivering support and programs that no other Kane stakeholder can.

  • Be bolstering student achievement by regularly enhancing the instructional capabilities and resources of Kane’s teachers.


Our Core Values

In strategic planning, the Core Values of an organization describe fundamental principles that guide how it goes about pursuing its mission and achieving its vision.


KEF’s Core Values are:

  • ​We always try to improve a situation.

  • We act where others can’t act.

  • We take smart risks.

  • We do what we say we will do.

  • We appreciate our donors.

Our Strategies


In strategic planning, Strategies are the key programs and services that move us from our Current Reality to the achievement of our Vision.  Strategies describe what we will do and why.


KEF’s Strategies include 5 focus areas that were determined through a strategic planning process conducted in 2016.  We are committed to these focus areas and believe they can bring about transformative change for the students, parents and teachers in Kane County.  To read more about each of our focus areas, please click here.