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Registration for 2020 Summer Science Camp for 4-6 year olds now open!

June 9th - July 2nd

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am

This summer we may be getting more creative with the format of our Summer Science Camp due to COVID-19.  We are still hoping to provide group classes at the Kanab Library and field trips, but if that is not possible, we will be prepared to offer take-home projects and experiments that parents can pickup for their science campers.  We will explore 4 different science topics over 4 weeks.  Each week we will have a 1 hour "classroom" activities, then Thursdays we will have a 1-2 hour outdoor exercise with hands-on experiments related to that weeks topic. If group gatherings are allowed, parental presence is optional for classroom sessions, but some outdoor exercises may require parental accompaniment. We will notify parents ahead of time with information pertaining to each class and field trip.

This program is design to increase the vocabularies of children ages 4 to 6 by giving opportunities to learn, hear, and practice new words. Research has indicated that the more words a child has when entering the school system, the more successful their learning becomes. Additionally, this program gives exposure to different science subjects through reading, new experiences and activities. By giving students the opportunity to talk with their peers, parents, and other adults about what they are learning and experiencing better equips them for understanding what is happening in the world around them.

Kane Education Foundation would like to thank the SUU Center for STEM Teaching and Learning, Kanab City Library, Grand Staircase Escalante Partners and the BLM Field Office for partnering with us in this project. 

Because class size will be limited based on the number of leaders and volunteers we have, we will also be asking for Volunteers to help with these fun 1-2 hour classes.  For additional information or questions please contact Tana Seaford, Program Coordinator, at or 435-644-2555 x 9.

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