Why It's Important

School-readiness begins at birth. Studies show children who participate in early learning programs develop early language skills and improved social and emotional skills.  This early development has lasting impacts on later success in school and in adult life.

What We're Doing

Kane Education Foundation has created programs, accessible to any Kane County resident, to promote early learning opportunities. 


Birth to 5 Literacy Program  helps to build the home library of every child in Kane County, starting at birth.  In 2019 we distributed nearly 300 books to Kane County children!  We expect that number to grow in the coming years. To learn more about this program or enroll your child please click HERE.

Summer Science Camp  is design to increase the vocabularies of children ages 4 to 6 by giving opportunities to learn, hear, and practice new words by introducing them to different science subjects through reading, new experiences and activities.  Summer Science Camp has been a big hit and enrollment numbers have increased each year.  To learn more about this program or enroll your child please click HERE.

What Still Needs Done

We hope to provide the means to allow more children to attend preschool.  We want to give every child the opportunity to receive a minimum of 10 hours of classroom learning per week.  If we can do this, the amount and quality of communications-focused learning would be increased.  The expected outcome of this accomplishment would be a high percentage of 4 year-olds being ready for Kindergarten and having the communications foundation to continue learning throughout grades 1 through 12.


We need your help.    Can you Volunteer at our events or activities?  Please consider making a DONATION to help fund these critical programs.


If you have a strong interest in helping the Preschool and Early Learning Strategy of the Kane Education Foundation, please contact Tana Seaford

“Children are made readers in the laps of their parents.” - Emilie Buckwald

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